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Transit Times are estimates, and are subject to change, as well as being subject to all applicable Transportation Laws/Regulations.
Approved Accessorial Charges may be billed separately.  Standard payment terms are 30-days net of receiving our emailed invoice on approved credit, otherwise base freight charge plus applicable sales tax prepaid in full 24-hours prior to pickup.

Transportation Standard Terms:  By allowing the above noted transportation order to proceed as shown, you agree that:  All Dates and Times discussed or quoted are estimates, and are subject to change, while also being subject to all applicable transportation laws and regulations.  While may provide consultation during the quoting/booking process, all equipment booked is at the client’s request.  24 to 48 hours notice prior to on-boarding time is requested per dispatch.  Same-Day Pickup Requests can be fulfilled based on availability, please inquire.  For LTL/LCL (less-than-load) shipments, 30 minutes is included free for loading, and another 30 minutes is included for unloading.  For Full-Load shipments under 250 miles, 1-hour is included free for loading, and another 1-hour is included for unloading.  For FTL (Full-Load) shipments over 250 miles, 2-hours is included free for loading, and another 2-hours for unloading.  $75/hour detention charge is applicable after the free times.  Cancellations of full-truckloads with less than 4-hours notice prior to requested pickup time, are subject to a Truck Ordered Not Used charge of $275.  Cancellations of LTL/LCL cargo with less than 3-hours notice prior to requested pickup time, are subject to a Truck Ordered Not Used charge of $75 per pallet spot.  Unless our warehouse facility or lumper service is loading the shipment, all loads are considered “Shipper load, count, and seal.”  Maximum standard allowable payloads are as follows:  1,500 lbs per standard size 48"L x 48"W x 60"H skid spot for LTL, and 80,000 lbs less fully-fuelled vehicle tare weight for full-loads (typical payload weight of 42,000 lbs on a 53’ reefer, 44,000 lbs on a 53’ dry van, and 46,000 lbs on a 48’/53 flatbed).  Services to transport cargo of weights or dimensions greater than standard are available upon request.  Driver assist for loading, unloading, or rigging, is not included unless agreed upon in writing, but can be quoted separately upon request.  Container drayage services include the use of our chassis, and the pick up or return of empty container(s) as required, with pre-pull and storage options available at extra charge upon request.  Demurrage, gate fees, and lumper charges, are the responsibility of the party being billed for the freight charges (the customer), unless otherwise stated.  Unless agreed to in writing prior to loading, INC., it’s agents, or affiliates, are in no way responsible for any costs or charges which may be incurred by the client (or the client’s customers, vendors, and shipping points) as a direct or indirect result of:  late pickups, delayed transit, or late deliveries, while under our contracted transport  Unless otherwise agreed, standard payment terms are within 30 calendar-days from the receipt of our emailed invoice, on approved credit, or prepaid before loading without approved credit.

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